Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Makes a Good Website

What Makes a Good Website
A successful website meets clearly identified goals and provides compelling content that draws your audience to your site again and again. In addition it is easy to navigate and last to is attractively designed to complement the content.

1. A Good Website is Compelling: It Provides Value to Your Audience that draws them to your site again and again.

Provide a reason to return.

Give a reason to stay and return.

Do not keep your website static. Keep it forever changing.

2. A Good Website Meets Clearly Identified Goals
Identified what you want to achieve.

3. A Good Website is Easy to Navigate

Keep your website good looking and easy to use.

Take time and plan how you might think the user will navigate through your website.

4. Visual Attractiveness of a Site
Many people make the mistake of throwing music, little animations or scrolling text on there site without any real reason. This does not make a good looking site. All this does is make your site look like a Neon Billboard. Please, Don't Do This !

Make the design clean and simple.

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