Friday, December 3, 2010

The Rights and Wrongs

The Rights and Wrongs


Be mindful of your target audience.  Be aware that the majority of visitors will want to access your site quickly and easily.

Make your best work visible from the start. Show your talents off.
Be honest. The truth shall set you free.
Be descriptive. Paint a picture in the user's mind. Entertain the mind of your visitor.
Be mobile phone compatible. Technology is a changing. Stay ahead of the game so you can become one of the trailblazers of this game.
Make your work shareable. Make it easy for people to share your work with others.
Have professional and accessible contact information. Your a professional now, act like one.
Be clear and simple. Leave the clutter for the clutter bugs.
Have your work easy to keep up with. You never know if your work is a start of a trend. Make it easy to get and share.
Categorize your work.  Why be disorganized? The way you display tells all how much knowledge you have with design.


Never updating your portfolio. Never stop buzzing. Show the world you are still alive.
Small thumbnails. 
Being trigger-happy with your window settings. 
Use low quality images. Watch the quality of your images.
Using Flash for the sake of it. 

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