Thursday, December 2, 2010

Must have features your website is missing.

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How to reel in visitors immediately
Value statements. -Tell them why they should care.
Comparison facilitators. -Educate them on the differences.
Useful resources. -Give them something to use while they are on your site.

How to travel and socialize with your visitors
The ability to share. -Take advantage of using Facebook, Twitter, etc...,to keep in touch.
Maps and directions. -We live in a world that is forever changing so don't stay static. Be mobile and let your visitors know how to navigate to your place in a friendly user way.
Feedback portals. -Don't be afraid of letting customers talk about and rate your products. .
A personal touch.-Follow the Apple way and you will keep your visitors intrigue on what is going on in your world.
Communication tools. -Be kind and open now, and it will yield dividends when you get into hot water

How to optimize the visitor experience
A clear process.  Listen to customers and take them through a step-by-step process, while also communicating high-level information as to where they will ultimately end up.
Filtering options. Narrow down their preferences rather than forcing them down a pre-defined path
Product details. Use dynamic images.
Personalization tools. Let them personalized your product so they will come back to play for more.
A friendly shopping cart. Allow them to make changes without starting over from the beginning.
Added conveniences. Don't make the user do the same thing over and over again.

How to make visitors feel special and safe
Special incentives. Provide offers for gift cards, etc....
Security badges. Privacy must be top priority.
Multiple ways to discover information. Accommodate different learning styles.

How to offer support at all stages
Shipping. Offer free shipping options..
Easy returns. Make it easy to return products.
Payment flexibility. Give different options to pay.
Extended support. Your support should last longer than your product.
A live connection. Implement live chat.
Data collection. Learn the behavior of your user.

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