Monday, April 25, 2011

Ways to make your site more dynamic

How important is it to make your site more dynamic.                                                     For one thing, it gives the users something to engage in.                                             When you can get users to engage in your site to keep                                             coming back for more, you have built a community.
You can start with Video. - Video keeps people watching.
Put up an RSS feed. -  An Active community is a great way to greet people.
Widgets will work. - Widgets is sort of like a camouflage that gives your site the appearance of being dynamic.
Images always work. - If the image is interesting, you have caught their eye.
Get into the Podcast. - This is for you tech savvy people to relate on a more personal level.
Gotta love them Polls. - Your audience loves to play so why not give them something to play with.
Get locked with a Live Cam. - Let the users see you in action.